Vintage Baseball Nursery Design


Y''s almost time. We are exactly ONE MONTH away from one of my favorite days of the year: The Atlanta Braves Home Opener!! So in honor of my favorite All-American team, this week on the blog we'll be talking baseball...and babies! (no, I'm not pregnant again)

If you know anything about me or my husband, it's that we both LOVE baseball. In fact, baseball is a big part of our story! When we first met, we connected over talking about our mutual favorite team. Our first date was a Braves game. We got engaged on Home Opener day and then celebrated with all our friends at Turner Field. So of course, when we found out we were expecting our first little bundle of joy right in the heart of baseball season, there was no debate on what theme we would choose for his nursery: Vintage Baseball. 

Here's a little throwback to our baby announcement, which also doubled as a nod to my favorite singer of all time, Garth Brooks. 

The room that we turned into the nursery was previously my office. But we had not touched the wall paint yet since we moved in, so we had a lot of work to do to cover up this ugly mauve color:


We had to fix the headboard that was a different shade from the trim, and lighten this room up. We knew we were having a boy, but we also wanted to go with a neutral color to continue with the theme in our household (and save us a paint job if our next kid turns out to be a girl). So we went with Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray for the top and Benjamin Moore White Dove for the headboard and trim. 


After we painted, I took out the ugly, old white ceiling fan and replaced it with this adorable burlap pendant shade from Ballards. 

And now we're making some progress! I will put links for all of the furniture at the bottom of the post, but this dresser was a steal I found on Craigslist. I swapped out the plain white knobs for these adorable jute knobs from World Market that helped tie in the rustic/vintage feel of the room and give the all-white that the dresser a little more texture.

Here's a better shot so you can see how much detail the knobs added to the space:


It's a tiny room, so we had to get creative with how we were going to fit all of our furniture in there. My goal with the decor in this room was to create a style that was more little boy than little baby so that he didn't grow out of it in less than a year.  

Now, comes my favorite part of the room: the gallery wall!

This bad boy was a little bit of a labor of love (no pun intended). I spent months collecting the perfect pieces and laying them on the floor, then re-laying them on the floor before it finally went up on the wall. 

Here's one of the final floor mock-ups - I made a few tweaks as we put it on the wall

Here's one of the final floor mock-ups - I made a few tweaks as we put it on the wall

My sweet hubs helping me bring my crazy vision to life.

My sweet hubs helping me bring my crazy vision to life.

Let me tell you my magical trick for gallery walls: Command Velcro Strips. That stuff is MAGIC. It saves your wall from dozens of nail holes, and honestly it holds more securely than nails anyways once you get a crazy toddler running through the room who could easily knock things off. Out of this whole gallery, we only had to drill two holes for the galvanized "N" because it had no back to put the velcro on. The rest we used varying weights of the Command Velcro and they haven't budged an inch. We even used the velcro to adhere the display over the crib - that's how good this stuff is! 


Some trivia about the items on the wall: a lot of the art and frames came from Hobby Lobby or Etsy, but it's sprinkled with some fun and personal pieces. There's a framed pic of us at Turner Field from the day we got engaged over on the far right. On the top center, that's actually a framed ticket stub that belonged to my husband's dad from the Braves game where Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run to beat Babe Ruth as the home run king. And yes, that is a legit baseball bat (from Scott's Antique Market) that is also attached to the wall by, you guessed it...COMMAND VELCRO! I'm telling you, this stuff is gold. It's been on the wall almost two years and hasn't moved.


And this is my favorite shot of the decor over the crib, but probably because it has my two favorite boys in it. (I'm not biased at all)


All in all I was thrilled with how this space turned out! (which is good because I spend the most time here!) I hope you enjoyed a peek inside one of my favorite rooms in the house. Did you know that Sweetwood Creative Co. offers creative consulting and nursery design?

If you've got a little one on the way, we can help design a nursery, craft a custom gallery wall, or just consult on a theme and overall design - CONTACT US to set up a consultation today!

Jute dresser knobs: World Market
Crib: Wayfair
Glider & Ottoman: Wayfair
Glider Table: Target
Oversized Mason Jar (for baseballs): Target
Bookshelf: World Market
Script Names over crib: Rustic Pine Designs 
Baseball Lamp: Hobby Lobby 
Baseball Burlap Pillow: Etsy
Newborn Photography: Joy Cannis Photography  



Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links.