How to craft a killer Charcuterie board


It's almost time to say goodbye to 2017...why not do it in style? Today we're sharing with you a few quick and easy tips to help make your New Year's Eve party prep a breeze!Charcuterie boards are all the rage at parties, casual get togethers and weddings right now because they're beautiful and the variety is sure to please all your guests. 

I am not sure if the origination of the charcuterie board was just plain lazy to avoid cooking multiple recipes, or just plain brilliant, pulling together foods that will satisfy every palette in one big beautiful display. Maybe a little bit of both, let's be real. But what I can tell you is that even the least experienced person in the kitchen can create an amazing and gorgeous spread that will make you look like a pro, without a ton of effort. 

My friend Jess know's how to throw a killer party, so we were honored to get to create the spread you see pictured for her event last week. (Be sure to check out more details from this awesome party on her blog HERE)

Charcuterie 101

First, let's talk a few basics. If you're going to build a charcuterie board I recommend including the following categories:

1. MEATI recommend Salami & Prosciutto for starters.
2. CHEESE - Mix in a variety of soft & hard cheeses like brie, smoked gouda & aged white cheddar.
3. BREAD & CRACKERS - Choose an assortment of sizes/flavors to match your cheese.
4. FRUIT - add fresh and dried fruit for lots of great options...some of my favs are grapes, dried apricots, dried cranberries, olives & blackberries.
5. NUTS - Pistachios add a great pop of color, cashews and almonds are always crowd favorites.
6. CHOCOLATE - Chunks of dark chocolate are my go-to, they pair well with everything!

Presentation tips

Here's where you can take your hosting style to the next level! Use some of these pointers to make your charcuterie display look professional:

1. PILE IT ON - Make sure your display doesn't look "flat" or bare by piling up the items on your board...don't be afraid to make a few giant mounds of meat or chocolate.
2. ADD DEPTH - Use multiple cheese boards elevated on wooden blocks or even pretty cake plates to add extra layers of depth and height to your display. Tie them together by cascading big beautiful bunches of grapes from one layer to another.
3. GO VERTICAL - Include some tall breadsticks in a mason jar to give extra height to your display.
4. ADD DISHES - Separate some of your food by putting items like olives, hummus or dips and other dried fruit in small bowls or ramekins.
5. GARNISH - If  you need to fill in some empty spaces or add a little more color to your display, add a garnish like fresh rosemary sprigs randomly in different places on your board. (you can find these in the produce section of your local grocery store)


The great thing about charcuterie boards is that they are perfect for parties anytime, so we hope these tips are helpful for ALL of your 2018 parties! 

Happy New Year friends!

Event Design: Sweetwood Creative Co.
Photography: Jen Wright Photography & Sweetwood Creative Co.