Creating a Brand Experience: Part 2

Today we're wrapping up our blog series on tips for creating a brand experience. If you missed the first part, you can check it out HERE. But to recap, our first two tips were:

1. Define your brand style.
2. Value your influencers.

And today, our final tip for creating your own great branding experience is this:

3. Be Authentic.

This one is a big one. Because even if they're just on the other side of a screen, people can tell when you (or your company) are being fake. This is one of those times where it's vital to virtually wear your heart on your sleeve. Seize every opportunity you can to be real and honest about who you are, and your heart behind your brand. 

In Kristin's case, one of the ways we opted to do this was through a book launch party. Because not only did we want to celebrate Kristin and her passion for writing Beyond the Swipe to help single women, we also wanted to actually take an opportunity to celebrate those women and show them the heart behind the book.

We set out to design an event that not only extended the brand look and feel from the previous styled shoot, but we wanted to create an experience where the guests (all single women) walked away feeling encouraged, revitalized and loved.

How did we do it? 

First, we created a Launch Squad comprised of single women to help us get the word out. As a perk of the squad, each woman received an invite to our launch party. 

BTS Launch Invite.jpg

Second, we set out to be incredibly intentional about creating an event experience that was tailored to these women. We brought in all the things single gals can appreciate: good wine, good food, good music and good friends. We encouraged each invitee to bring a bestie with them, because all you single gals know, there's nothing worse or more intimidating than having to walk into a big party by yourself. 

Besides the free food and giveaway prizes, we really wanted our guests to feel valued. We know that the dating world is a jungle out there, and we wanted our guests to feel special, beautiful, and we wanted them to walk away with a reminder that they are more than just their dating profile. So we partnered with one of our favorite Atlanta photographers who has a HUGE heart for encouraging and empowering women to come in and take complimentary headshots for every single guest.

It was so fun to watch these women really just let loose, have some fun in front of the camera and give them a chance to show off their confidence and poise. 

Before the end of the night, we also brought the author up to read an excerpt from her book, just to verbally encourage and speak life into the ladies in the was such a powerful moment, and a really cool way for the heart behind the "Beyond the Swipe" brand to really be shown.

So those are our top three tips, and we hope they're helpful! We'd love to hear from you in the comments below - let us know some things that have helped you launch your own brand, and let us know any questions you might have if you're just starting out in the process! 

Author: Kristin Fry
Photos: Joy Cannis Photography
Event Design: Sweetwood Creative Co.
Venue: The Space at Grant Park
DJ: Dave Sewell

Cheers to being authentic,