Bridal Party Packing Checklist FREE Download


Let's talk about your bridal party...

They're your squad. Your besties. Your ride or die. But they can also be the people who make your wedding day more stressful because they forget their shoes or bow tie, and they can't remember what time pictures start. YIKES!

So do yourself a favor and email a packing list and itinerary for each member in your bridal party a week before the wedding, but also make sure to print copies to hand out at the rehearsal, because let's be real, they might forget it while they're busy celebrating you! 


If you have a wedding planner, this is a perk they should be taking care of for you...but if not, today we're giving you a sample packing list you can download for FREE! 

Here's to a stress free wedding day, and one more thing you can check off YOUR list.
Happy packing!

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