Boho Chic Garden Party


I am so excited to finally get to share ALL of the details from this absolutely adorable boho chic garden party we designed for my friend J. Cathell's daughter. We had the most fun dreaming up every delicate detail, and can you believe we pulled this whole thing off in less than two weeks?!

Keep scrolling for specifics on how we made everything, where we sourced all of our supplies and local vendors we used in Atlanta!


I made this welcome sign with a 18x24 canvas and some gold glitter adhesive cardstock I found at Joann's Crafts (similar HERE). I cut it all out using my Silhouette Cameo (aka my crafting best friend) and literally just peeled and stuck it to the easy! My husband built the wooden stand and we used a staple gun to attach strong velcro to it, so all I have to do is attach any sign I want with velcro and done! So easy, inexpensive and versatile for all my events.

Also, can we talk about how GORGEOUS those pink peonies are?! I would fill my entire house with them every day if my husband would let me! 


The chalk art here was done by my fabulous friend, Danielle. You've seen her work on some of my other events, and now she has officially launched her hand lettering business! Be sure to check her out at Highland & Monroe - she specializes in watercolor and hand lettering for weddings and special events.


Can you believe that all of the blankets, pillows and mini tables you see here came from Ikea?! They were our awesome (and affordable) one stop shop for creating this seating space for all the little ones. I'll add a full list at the bottom of this post with links for each item we bought so you can recreate this look yourself!

(Please note: the Ikea links are NOT affiliate links - we do not make any profit from referring you to these products, and this post is not sponsored by Ikea in any way...we just want you to be able to create pretty parties affordably too!)


This statement piece is one of my absolute favorites. It's a fireplace mantle that I rescued from Craigslist a few years ago and brought back to life for my sister-in-law's wedding. Now we rent it out for all kinds of events, and I love to dress it up! (If you're local in Atlanta, click HERE to get rental pricing for your upcoming wedding or event!)

We added a small base to each side of the fireplace so it would be freestanding, and I used small clear, plastic command hooks to help hold the garland and flowers on the top, as well as hooks on the back to hang the sewing hoops. 


Isn't she the most adorable one year old? This mantle made the perfect smash cake backdrop, and let me tell you, the smash cake is always my favorite party of a first birthday party. I love seeing the pure joy of a sweet babe losing their mind over sugar and making an absolute mess without getting in trouble. Ha!


Our drink station was full of liquid goodness for the littles and their parents! Organic juice boxes for the kids, along with fruit infused water, sweet tea (this is the south, of course) and mint strawberry lemonade. And of course a mimosa bar for the adults because, toddlers. Enough said.

Do you see those champagne flutes and wine glasses? Would you believe they're actually plastic?! We wanted to design a classy drink station, but glass, kids and a pool are a really bad combination. So we found these fabulous plastic cups on Amazon, of all places! They were sturdy and didn't look cheap at all - in fact, several of the guests did a double take when they picked them up because they thought we had real wine glasses out on display. 


These vintage paper straws were one of my absolute favorite little details of the party! The dainty, floral design fit the theme perfectly. I had to refrain from buying all of the different straw combinations they had because they were all that cute!

garden-party-place setting

Now we created an adorable spot for the littles to sit, but of course we had to design a pretty space for the adults as well. I covered the table with gorgeous lace I found at a local fabric store, but the fresh peonies, hydrangea, roses and greenery are what made this lush tablescape really just divine. To save on dishes but keep with the girly garden party theme, we found these adorable floral paper plates to match the floral napkins and cute wooden cutlery we used for the kiddos.


Now, onto the dessert table! This was SO much fun to create, and so hard not to eat on the drive down to the farm. Adorned with a vanilla & buttercream cake that was so good I dreamed about it later, champagne and strawberry macarons, decadent donuts, gluten free cupcakes to die for and DIY naked mini pound cakes with white chocolate buttercream...all adorned with fresh flowers, eucalyptus and candlelight. I mean it's every sugar lover's dream! I'll list all the dessert vendors at the bottom of this post.


These donut skewers were actually super easy and inexpensive to make! I started with porcelain cupcake stands from the Dollar Spot at Target (you better believe any time I go to Target, I wipe them out of these babies - they're great for everything!) I also bought some wooden dowels and small round base. The trick is that I simply hot glued it to the cupcake stand. That kept the dowel from falling over, and when I'm done all I have to do is pop it right off the stand. That way I can continue to use the cupcake stand for cupcakes, candles or anything else. And the dowels are reusable for a future event! The whole thing cost less than $10 for six donut stands. 


Making these mini cakes was a total experiment for me, but I had so much fun trying it out. I saw something similar on Pinterest and loved it so much I thought I'd wing it and figure it out on my own. Stay tuned for a tutorial coming soon to the blog with the things I learned (and learned NOT) to do to make these in just a few simple steps.

Vendor & Product List

As promised, here's a full list of all the vendors and products used in this event so you can create your own boho garden party! 

Event design & styling: Sweetwood Creative Co.
Chalk Hand Lettering: Highland & Monroe
Photography: Jen Wright Photography
Cake: Cakes by Darcy
Gluten Free Cupcakes: Gluten Free Cutie (hands down best GF dessert place in Atlanta!)
Macarons: Macaron Queen
Donuts: Bon Glaze
Mini Naked Cakes: Sweetwood Creative Co.

VÄLLINGBY Pink Cushions
OFELIA Ruffle Throw
STENORT Floral Duvet Cover
BORGHILD Sheer Curtains (layered as seating)
GULLKLOCKA Pink Pillow Cover
FJADRAR Pillow (for use with Gullklocka cover)
GURLI Pink Pillow Cover
FJADRAR Small Pillow (for use with Gurli cover)
LUGGA Candles (these smell heavenly!)

Lace Teepee: Land of Nod
Wooden Cutlery: Meri Meri
Paper Plates: Meri Meri
Paper Napkins: Meri Meri
Vintage Paper Straws: Amazon
Plastic Wine Glasses: Amazon
Plastic Stemless Champagne Flutes: Amazon 
Lace fabrics: Joann's Crafts


Please Note: This post contains some (not all) affiliate links, it's how we afford to keep this blog running! However I only post links to products that I have personally used and loved.