Upscale Party In A Box


Today I'm excited to share with you a really fun project we had the privilege of working on last week! I have a sweet client who came to me with a completely brilliant idea. She's a busy mom who has a full plate right now and needed a little assistance pulling together a beautiful and cohesive party to celebrate a family member's 80th birthday. 


Here's the trick: the party was at a remote beach house in New Jersey...and we're in Georgia. So my client had the amazingly smart idea for me to create a "party in a box" so that when she arrived she had everything she needed for the perfect birthday setup.

Now turning eighty is no small deal - it's a milestone birthday that has to be celebrated well! So you're average run of the mill paper plates and plastic tablecloths won't do. Instead, I created a box full of custom curated and designed pieces that matched the style and also added a personal touch for the birthday girl! Here's how we did it:

Inspiration Board


The party was at a beach house, so my client wanted to achieve a light, airy seaside feel to match the vibe of the house and the overall feel of the weekend. So first, I created an inspiration board to make sure we were on the same page in terms of style.

Curation & Design

Once we knew we were on the right track I set out to pull together all of the pieces she would need to pull off the look including:

-Aqua charger plates
-Burlap Table Runners
-Custom centerpieces for 5 tables of various sizes
-Custom made confetti for tables
-Balloons, paper lanterns & paper rosettes
-Custom made cake topper & personalized signs
-Crepe paper & paper lantern bags for the outside walkway
-Fresh florals for centerpieces
-Custom made fabric swag
-Linens (rented locally)
-Cake plates

My client rented tables, chairs and linens locally, so I helped her select colors that would match the curated decor. I then had fresh florals for the centerpieces shipped directly to the beach house (thanks FiftyFlowers!)


Preparation & Transport

I didn't want to just send my client up to NJ with a ton of stuff and no instructions as to how I was pulling it all together in my mind, so I did a few table mock-ups at my home (with some leftover flowers from a previous party). That way she had a clear vision for how the decor would look put together. 


Next, I organized everything into two neatly packed totes (minus the giant cake plate that is too big to fit in anything) and loaded it up in my car for delivery to send my client on her way!

This project was SO much fun and a good, creative challenge for me to think "outside the box" (no pun intended) when it comes to pulling off an event that celebrates people well, even when I can't be there in person. I can't wait to see how it turned out when she returns from her trip! 

My client's brilliant idea also sparked a few ideas for some other fun custom parties in a box that I can curate for my shop, so stay tuned for that fun to come! Let us know how we can custom curate your own upscale party in a box to celebrate someone at your next destination event!